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Born in 1981 like an individual firm, Camerson S.r.l. began his activity in the electronic and electromechanical field bound to the electroacoustic world. Early the production turned into the big inductors series for an audio field, employing advanced technologies for that period (totally automated machines and employ of self bonding wire, for example). For some customers it carried out completed cross-over filters thanks to the employ of apparatus required to the production of electrical circuits.


Subsequently Camerson implemented his activity with the design and the production of sophisticated electronic apparatus realized to satisfy specific customer requirements, whether out of small and big series of production, or for the realisation of unique models like for example particular measurement instruments ordered by National Institute Galileo Ferraris of Turin (sect. measurement and proof) and by Enel of Terni.

Recently Camerson has specialized his planning and production activity in the inductors and  transformers field and in equipment in which the electromagnetical components are the main elements.

The technological growth in the Camerson’s productive processes has always been determined by continuous investment in machineries, equipment and instrumentation and by the constant training of its staff, which forms a motivated and professional team efficient and careful to quality.

In 1998 to complete the process of firm’s settlement, Camerson changed itself into S.p.A. (joint-stock company) and moved itself into the new location in Collegno (TO).




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